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Advantages and disadvantages of brushless motor and brushless motor

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1, brush motor

It USES carbon brush as the two contact points of the motor power supply, USES the speed-regulating handle and the controller to control, and achieves the zero-20km/h stepless speed regulation of the electric bicycle through the gear secondary deceleration and overrunning clutch.At present, the brush high-speed motor with high gold content, motor reduction gear strength is strong, good wear resistance, reasonable design, so the repair rate is low;In addition, the cost of maintenance and replacement of gear and motor is low, which effectively reduces the maintenance cost of e-bike.And brush motor can be through the clutch and flywheel to achieve easy manual riding.Brush motor is the use of brush mechanical commutation!

2. Brushless motor

The cost of the speed control system is higher than that of the speed control system of the high-speed motor with brush.Equipped with brushless motor of electric bicycle must to 35 km/hour speed above can exert its * * * better work efficiency, but we know that electric bikes as a non-motor vehicle management, speed must be under 20 km/hour, so the brushless motor is electric bicycle is chosen to reduce the working efficiency, desirability is not strong.Now the main thing it's used for is the noise level.Brushless motor is to use electronic circuit commutation!There are detection components detection polarity!

The following from several aspects to talk about the difference between brushless motor and brushless motor:

1. Scope of application:

Brushless motor equipment can be used in: the dairy industry, brewing industry, soy products, meat products processing industry and processing industry, beverage processing industry, pastry processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, some higher requirements, such as precision electronic factory, dust-free workshop, etc., like dior electrical production brushless motor (DIHOUR) hand dryer, apply more at the factory.

Carbon brush motor: can only be used in all kinds of toilets and other requirements are not too high area, and such as clean workshop and explosion workshop can not be used!

2. Service life:

Brushless motor: it can work for about 20000 hours continuously, and its normal service life is 7-10 years.

Carbon brush motor: it can work continuously for about 5000 hours, and its normal service life is 2-3 years.

3. Effect:

Brushless motor: operate at 90-95m/s high speed, and the actual effect can reach 5-7s dry time.

Carbon brush motor: operating speed and dry hand time is much lower than the brushless motor.

4. Energy saving:

The brushless motor, by contrast, consumes about a third as much power as the carbon brush.

5. Future maintenance

After the carbon brush motor wears out, not only replace the carbon brush, but also replace the rotor tooth and other accessories around the motor, the cost is much higher.*** the main thing is that the overall functionality will be affected.

6. Noise and service life

The noise produced by the carbon brush motor is much higher than that of the brushless motor, and with the wear of the carbon brush in the future, the noise of the brushless motor will be more and more, while the brushless motor will not be affected.

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