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General Specifications


CPN880A is a servo driver with high performance DSP as the computing core, direct torque control algorithm, multi-function and incremental/absolute encoder.Full digital design with flexible and varied form the input control mode, high speed, low noise, high bandwidth, improve the hardware and software protection function, the drive can be connected with the computer via a serial port communication interface, realize the PID parameter adjustment, protection parameters, the motor parameters, deceleration parameter Settings such as time, also can be IO input state, analog input, alarm monitoring state and bus voltage.


Support ABZ interface

Sine wave output, support position, speed, torque control applications.

Speed PID closed-loop control, low speed torque, built-in model tracking, accurate variable estimation, high dynamic response.

High bandwidth, high rigidity, high response, forced convergence.

The acceleration and deceleration time can be set by the software to achieve smooth and soft operation.

The drive itself has low dissipation, high efficiency and low temperature rise, so it is small in size and easy to install.

Support 485 bus, IO port multiple input mode, set by software.

Enable,, direction, polarity of IO input signal can be set by software.

Multiple perfect protection functions.

IIT current limiting protection function to prevent the motor from blocking damage.

Built-in brake resistance and control circuit (optional), for consumption of renewable energy, prevent overvoltage.

Support different applications, dynamic response to the driver can be customized.

Support function depth customization, special machine application.

Electrical and mechanical environment indicators:

Electrical index:

Driver parametersleast value
typical value maximumunit
input voltage203680V
current output0
low-voltage protection171819V
overvoltage protection687072V
Input signal voltage4527V
Input signal current-10-mA

environmental index:

type of cooling

Natural or forced cooling

service environmentusage occasionAvoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gas

ambient temperature-20 to 50°C

Working environment humidity90% RH(No condensation

storage temperature-40 to -70°C

 vibration5.9m/s2 max
size dimension180*98*53  unit:mm

main technical parameters:

Encoder typeincremental encoder
 control mode Position closed loop, speed closed loop, torque mode, support specific application occasions personalized combination customization.
speed adjustment modePulse/direction given, 0-5v analog input, 0-100%PWM input (PWM frequency range: 1khz-20khz), internal given, 
speed adjustable range0—20000RPM

Short circuit: short circuit protection l is generated when abnormal current is greater than 100A

Overcurrent: overcurrent protection is generated when the current exceeds the set value of working current and lasts for a set period of time

Overvoltage: overvoltage protection is produced when the voltage exceeds 60V

defensive function

Undervoltage: undervoltage protection is generated when the voltage is lower than 18V. l

Hall anomaly: includes phase anomaly and value anomaly.


Output feedbackOutput motor encoder feedback through PG (pulse) and X3 (direction)
Acceleration and deceleration time setting

The acceleration and deceleration time can be set \\through the configuration software

Mounting size (unit: mm)

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Enhanced cooling mode

(1) drive and reliable working temperature to normal within 60 ℃, the motor working temperature is 70 ℃

(2) when installing the driver, please install it vertically on the side, so that the radiator surface can form strong convection with the air, and when necessary, install a fan near the radiator to dissipate heat compulsorily, so as to ensure that the driver can work reliably within the reliable operating temperature range.

Terminal interface

Power port


Pin arrangement of the power port


Pin name

defined declaration

Power input dc18-70v


Power input negative terminal

3PEground connection

Motor phase line U


Motor phase line V


Motor phase line W

Encoder signal input terminal:


Pin description:

Pin number

Pin name

defined declaration
1GNDThe power to

Encoder differential signal B-


Encoder differential signal B+


Encoder differential signal A- / communication bus A-


Encoder differential signal A+ / communication bus A+


Encoder W+ signal


Encoder V+ signal


Encoder U+ signal


Encoder signal Z-


Encoder signal Z- encoder signal Z+


Encoder W- signal


Encoder V- signal


Encoder u-signal

14GNDThe power to
15+5V5V output power

Control signal input/output end:


Pin arrangement and related names:

Terminal pin number

Pin name

defined declaration
1485A485communication signalsA
2485A485communication signalsB

Alarm output (leakage) current should be limited to 200mA


Hall signal xor output (leakage) current shall be limited to 200mA

5X1IO input 1  / As input signal for customized application
6X2IO input 2  (As input signal for customized applications)
7X3/EC_DIRIO input 3/Motor direction feedback/As input signal for customized applications
8X4IO inpu4 (As input signal for customized application)

Input common terminal (common positive terminal)

105V5vpower output,The output current should be less than 50 mA

Analog (Ain)/ digital signal input (PWM /PULSE)

12GNDsignal earth
13GNDsignal earth
14Y1Universal output port1
15Y2Universal output port2
16Y3Universal output port3
17Y4Universal output port4

Common end of output end (common negative end)


Digital pulse input signal +


Digital pulse input signal -


Digital direction input signal +


Digital directional input signal -

23EN+enable signal+
24EN-enable signal-

High-current output port (MOS leaky output)

26GNDsignal earth

System wiring diagram


Wiring precautions

(1) do not directly connect the ac 220V power supply to the drive power input terminal.

(2) do not connect the power supply to the wrong side. The drive can withstand up to 50A reverse current. Exceeding this value will damage the drive.

(3) do not connect the power supply to the motor output end, otherwise the internal power device of the driver will be damaged.

(4) ensure that the motor phase sequence is connected to the motor output end of the driver. The disordered phase sequence may trigger an alarm or damage the motor and driver.

Power supply requirement

(1) the power supply voltage shall be between dc20-60v, and +/-20% network voltage fluctuation shall be considered if the transformer is rectified for power supply

(2) for stable and reliable operation, the power supply current should be greater than the maximum output current of the driver.

(3) switch voltage regulator power supply should pay attention to the overvoltage protection mode of power supply. Under the condition of fast deceleration with load, the motor will feed energy back to the power supply and cause voltage rise.

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